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Great Lakes Window Coverings - Blind Measuring

How to Measure for Sheer Shades

Measuring Guidelines


  • Precise width and length measurements are critical. Fabric width cannot be altered after the shading is fabricated.
  • Please use a metal tape measure for accuracy from home to factory.
  • The headrail must be installed perfectly level and installed evenly to ensure smooth operation. On an Inside Mount, it is recommended that you check to see that the mounting surface is level and consistent. If your window needs to be leveled, this should be done before measuring.

  • NOTE: All measurements should come from measuring the window. If you measure your existing blinds, the measurements will be incorrect.

Length Considerations:
The manufacturer will fabricate your window shading to the exact length ordered, when the vanes are in the open (or view-through) position. When the vanes are rotated to the closed position, the shading will become 3/8" longer.
When closed on an inside mount, a slight puckering can occur on the lower most sheer section because of contact with the sill. To compensate, slightly raise the shading until the rail begins to lift off the window sill.
If preferred, shades can be ordered 3/8" less than the window opening's measured length. In this case, the bottom rail will be positioned 3/8" above the sill when the vanes are in the open position. (See diagram below). Rotating the vanes closed will cause the bottom rail to touch the window sill, closing any space.
measuring diagram


Measuring Instructions

measuring diagram

Inside Mount:

  • Measure across the width of your window opening in three different places - top, middle and bottom. Measurements should be taken within the window jamb. Provide the smallest of the three measurements. Be exact. The manufacturer will make the necessary deductions to fit the window opening.

  • Measure the length of the window opening from the underside of the soffit to the surface of the window sill in two places - use the smallest of these two measurements.

Outside Mount:

  • Measure the exact width and length of the area to be covered. On the width, allow at least 1 1/2" of an overlap on each side. An overlap of 3" on each side is recommended.

  • Be sure to take into consideration any obstructions such as window trim, molding, locks and window cranks.

Side Mount:

  • Shades may be side mounted using "L" brackets. For side mounts, follow the instructions for inside mounts. An additional 1/2"will be taken off the standard inside mount deduction to allow room for the "L" brackets.

  • The maximum shade width utilizing the side mount option is 48".

Shading Specifications

Width and Length Dimensions:

Minimum Width: 12"  Maximum Width: 112"
Minimum Length: 12" Maximum Length: 96"

Finished Dimensions:
The manufacturer makes deductions to the width of the Window Shading depending on the selected mounting type. For all mounting types, fabric will measure exactly the length ordered when the vanes are in the open or "view-through" position.
Inside Mount:
Headrail will measure order width less:        3/16"
Fabric will measure ordered width less:    1 1/8"
Side (End) Mount:
Headrail will measure order width less:     11/16"
Fabric will measure ordered width less:    1 5/8"
Outside Mount:
Headrail will measure order width plus:        3/16"
Fabric will measure ordered width less:        3/4"
Exact End to End Mount:
Headrail will measure ordered width
Fabric will measure ordered width less:     15/16"
Width and Length Measurements may vary +/- 1/8"
Headrail measurement includes end caps.
Note on Specifications:
Once ordered and manufactured, the width of the fabric cannot be altered. Due to variations in fabric weave and environmental conditions, the finished dimensions for both width and length may vary, plus or minus 1/8", from your order measurements.

Mounting Information:
Inside Mount:
Minimum depth for flush inside mount: 3 1/8"
Shallow Mount:
Minimum depth required for mounting: 3/4"
Side Mount:
Minimum depth for side mount: 1 1/4"
Maximum shading width for side mount: 48"
Outside Mount:
Minimum surface area required for mounting: 3/4"

Ordering and Hardware

Ordering Information:

  • These shades are precision, hand crafted products. Once fabricated, they cannot be altered for either width or length.
  • In addition to width, length, cord positioning and color, you have the option of ordering custom cord lengths, hold down brackets, extension brackets and headrail types. Please indicate these or any other special instructions on your order form when placing your order.
Headrail Options:
Shangri-La's Nirvana Headrail is offered in two different styles: color matched aluminum or fabric wrapped.
  • The contemporary aluminum rail is color matched to the fabric vanes, bottom rail and end caps.
  • The fabric wrapped headrail has a color matched fabric insert covering the front of the headrail. Bottom rail end caps match the fabric vanes.

Hold Down Brackets:
Hold down brackets are made of a clear plastic, which fits into drilled holes in the end cap of the bottom rail. Hold downs are most generally used to secure the bottom of the window shading to prevent swaying.
Extension Brackets:
Extension or "L" brackets are available which can be used to project the back of the shading 2 1/2" from the mounting surface.
Spacer Blocks:
Spacer blocks project the shading 3/8" from the mounting surface. Use spacer blocks to obtain clearance when obstructions, such as window cranks or door handles, obstruct the movement of the shading.

Cleaning and Care
The soft delicate feel of the shading fabric belies the durability of the material. This shade is made from a sturdy, knitted polyester fabric which can be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low setting. Spots or stains can be lightly rubbed clean with a damp sponge and mild soap. To avoid discoloration of the material, we recommend against the use of chemical cleaners. The fabric may also be ultrasonically cleaned.

Protect Your Children

  • Be aware that it is possible for children to become entangled in loose cords. To reduce the risk of accidents, all cords must be kept out of reach of children. Please take note of your shadings' cord lengths and request shorter cords when possible.

  • Cord tensioners are included with all Shadings. Please use them.


 HOME > Technical Information > Measuring > Sheer Shades

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