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Great Lakes Window Coverings - Blind Measuring

General How-To on Measuring

Quick Tip: When measuring for blinds, be sure to measure every window. Windows of different sizes can look deceptively similar.

Choosing Outside or Inside Mount

Before you start measuring, you'll have to decide whether you want your blind to hang inside or outside your window frame.

If you're looking for a flush, clean look, or if you've got attractive window molding that you'd like to show off, you'll want to mount your blinds inside your window frame. Inside mount blinds attach and hang inside your window frame.

Blinds mounted outside the window opening hang either on the wood frame itself or above and beyond the wood frame. Outside mounting is a good way to make a window appear wider and longer; you can also choose outside mount if you need to hide an unattractive window.

Quick Tip: When you're measuring for your blinds, use a metal tape measure and measure to the nearest eighth of an inch (1/8").


Inside Mount

Quick Tip: In order to mount your blinds inside the frame, your window must be deep enough to support the mounting brackets.

Product Minimum Depth Needed
Mini Blinds 1" to 2 "
Wood Blinds 1" to 2 "
Pleated Shades 1" to 2 "
Vertical Blinds 2 " to 3 "

Measure the width of your window at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the smallest width measurement. The factory will make the necessary allowances for the brackets. Measure the exact height of the window in 3 places. If you're measuring for verticals, use the shortest height; otherwise, use the longest height.

Quick Tip: Use our measurement worksheet to keep track of your measurements, window by window.

Enter the precise measurements on your worksheet. When you specify inside mount blinds, a small width deduction will be taken at the factory to give your blind room to rotate, open, and close.


Outside Mount

If you want to mount your blind outside the window frame, measure the exact width and height of the area you'd like to cover. Check your measurements against the size of your window to make sure you've added enough for sufficient overlap. (Don't worry if you can't give as much overlap as we recommend. In most situations, we can still make blinds that will work for you.)

Overlap Width Overlap Height
Horizontal Blinds and Shades
(Pleated, Cellular, Mini, Micro, Macro, Wood)
3" (1 " side) 2" top, 1 " bottom
Window Shadings 6" (3" side) 3" top, 1 " bottom
Vertical Blinds (below windowsill) 6" (3-4" side) 2" top, 2" bottom
Vertical Blinds (hanging above floor) 8" (4" side) 2 1/2" top, subtract " from bottom

When your outside mount blinds are made, no size deductions or additions are made to your measurements.

 HOME > Technical Information > Measuring > General How-To on Measuring

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