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Castle Blinds - Choosing Blinds

We know you want your blinds to be practical and decorative. Our blinds protect your privacy, control sunlight, and always look terrific! Because there are so many styles and colors, shopping for new blinds may seem a little overwhelming. We’ve assembled a few tips to help you shop for your blinds.

Determining the Proper Size
You’ll want to be sure the blinds you choose are the right size and mount for your windows. Older window frames, which are usually deeper, are more suited inside mount, while newer, shallow window frames, are more suited for outside mount.

If you want two-inch blinds to hang flush inside your window frame, you’ll need to make sure the frame is at least two inches deep. If you’re ordering outside mount blinds, you’ll want to make sure your blind is wide enough to cover the entire window opening.

To make sure you order the right size and mount for your window, read our Measuring Instructions.

Quick Tip: Many customers with older homes prefer inside mount blinds, which allow them to show off their home’s elegant molding.

Controlling Privacy and Daylight
Some windows, such as those in bathrooms or bedrooms, require extra privacy. Choosing pleated or cellular shades with privacy backing can keep outsiders from looking into your windows. PVC vertical blinds also offer excellent privacy. Some mini and wood blinds are Lite-Tite; made without rout holes, they offer an excellent amount of privacy.

If your window faces a brightly lit area, or if you’re a day sleeper, the same qualities that provide privacy can also keep light out of your room. You may also want to try our Room Darkening American's Best Cellular Shades, which block out almost all light.

In some situations, covering the bottom of a window provides sufficient privacy or light control. If you’d like a blind that offers more privacy on the bottom while allowing light to come through the top, look for blinds that offer a Top Down/Bottom Up Control.

Conserving Energy
If you live in an extreme climate and lose a lot of energy through your window, an insulating blind can be a practical choice. Cellular shades, which trap air between layers of material, provide good insulation.

Quick Tip: The insulating quality of a cellular shade increases with the number of cells and a larger pleat size.

Caring for Your Blinds
Dusty homes can present a challenge for blinds. Aluminum mini blinds are easy to maintain and only require an occasional light dusting; some aluminum mini-blinds now come with an anti-static finish that repels dust. If necessary, they can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water.

If you have children and/or pets, you surely have areas in your home that require constant cleaning. PVC vertical blinds are exceptionally durable and can be easily wiped clean with a cloth and mild cleaning solution. Eight gauge aluminum blinds are exceptionally strong, but slightly less easy to clean than PVC verticals.

If your blinds are going to be in a room with high humidity or above a sink, you’ll need a water-resistant blind. PVC vertical blinds, vinyl blinds, and aluminum mini-blinds hold up well in damp rooms.

Enjoying Your Decorative Blinds
You already know how practical your blinds can be. But they can be beautiful too! We’ve got such a wide selection that you can of blinds to complement the decorating scheme of your home.

If your home is more casual or country, try warm natural wood blinds or fabric shades in a whimsical print. These kinds of treatments can help make your home feel warm, cozy, and inviting.

If your room is modern or contemporary, consider painted wood blinds or simple shades in neutral hues for simple elegance that will enhance your home’s sense of style.

For a formal, elegant look, create drama with layers and texture. Roman shades make a room feel more finished and can make any window look extraordinary.

If your home décor is eclectic, wood blinds or honeycomb cellular shades are great. You can change the mood of your rooms depending on the material you choose. For example, wood adds a natural touch, while the soft fabric of cellular shades can add refinement to a traditional room.

 HOME > Technical Information > Choosing Blinds

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