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Great Lakes Window Coverings - Horizontal Blinds

Hunter Douglas Country Woods® Wood Blinds

Product Overview

The beauty of wood.

Nothing appeals to our sense of natural beauty quite like wood. For warmth, durability and versatility, wood is the natural choice for almost any decor. Like fine furniture, wood blinds reflect a lasting level of quality and craftsmanship in a superior window covering.

Hunter Douglas Country Woods® are the finest offering of wood blinds available on the market. The scope of their selection -- colors, slat sizes, tapes and decorative trims, cornices, and much more is equaled only by the natural beauty of their top quality hardwoods, which are precision-crafted and finished to exacting standards. These woods provide the optimum balance of strength, lightness of weight and stain acceptance. 1", 2" and 2 5/8" slat sizes are available in a wide selection of stained and painted wood finishes.

   •   de-Light™ -- Eliminates light gaps.
   •   Wand Tilt or Cord Tilt -- Another choice for 2" slat blinds is light control using either a wand tilter or a cord tilter. This is an excellent option if you prefer the balanced look of cords on each side of the blinds. (1" blinds are available with wand tilt only).
   •   Valance or Cornice -- Adds a finishing touch.
   •   Other Options -- -- Other options include custom colors, multi-colored (striped) blinds, specialty shapes and cut-outs for avoiding obstructions in window openings.

Hunter Douglas Country Woods® come with a wealth of features that allow their natural beauty to be customized to practically any decor. 14 standard colors are available in 1" and 2 5/8" Reflections or 22 standard colors 2" hardwood slats, with color-coordinated headrails and decorative wood bottom rails and valances.

Standard braided ladders or optional cloth tape ladders are available to further enhance the finished look of the blind. Decorative cloth tape and trim, 1 1/2" wide, are available for 2" and 2 5/8" slat blinds.

Product features include:

   •   14 colors for 1" and 2 5/8" and 22 colors for 2" slat
   •   Traditional routed slats on all slat sizes
   •   Low profile headrail
   •   Decorative wood valance and bottom rail
   •   Cord tilt (2" and 2 5/8" slat size)
   •   Wand tilt for 1" slat size
   •   Braided string ladders

Available options include:

   •   de-Light™ on 1", 2" and 2 5/8" slat sizes
   •   Specialty shapes
   •   Wand tilt for 2" slat blinds
   •   Cloth tape ladders for 2" and 2 5/8" slat blinds
   •   Decorative trims for 2" slat blinds
   •   Custom Colors
   •   Wood cornices
   •   Cut-outs
   •   Multi-color (striped) blinds
 HOME > Products > Horizontal Blinds > Wood

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