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Frequently Asked Decorating Questions (FAQs)


These FAQs relate to our Comfortex lines of window blinds and shades.

Serenade Roman Shades

  How do I clean these shades?
  Occasional light vacuuming with a soft bristle attachment or a gentle cleaning with a feather duster will keep the shade looking fresh and clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is also an option to consider.
  What style roman shades do you offer?
  The classic teardrop style has soft folds and gives a room a fuller look at the window. The flat panel style is clean-lined and tailored, which gives a room a classic or contemporary feeling depending upon the fabric used.
  If I choose to mount the shades as an inside mount, what amount of depth is required?
  For a flush mount, you will need 1-5/8".
  I have a window that is approximately 60". Will a Serenede shade be too heavy for me to raise and lower?
  All shades above 54" wide and 60" long receive the Omni-Rise to aid in the ease of operation, at no additional cost.

Shangri-La Window Shadings

  How can I achieve privacy, see the beautiful view outside and filter the sun, reducing its glare to a soft filtered glow?
  Shangri-La window shadings is the answer for maximum light, privacy control and beauty!
  How do I clean my Shangri-La window shadings?
  Simply feather dust or vacuum this beautiful, sturdy, knitted polyester fabric. If your shade becomes spotted or stained, consider using a mild soap with a damp cloth or sponge and lightly rubbing the soiled area. Never use chemical cleaners, as they may discolor the material. Shangri-La window shadings may also be ultrasonically cleaned.
  Do I need to have the fabric louvers closed when I'm raising the shade?
  The Omni-View operating system provides different ways to enjoy the beautiful view outside while controlling light and privacy. Many options!
  • "View-Through" when Raised: From the open or "view-through" position, continuing to pull down on the back of the bead cord will raise the fabric allowing a clear view outside from below, and a veiled view above. This exclusive feature allows Shangri-La to be raised up to two feet in this mode.
  • "View-Through" when Lowered: By completely opening the vanes, Shangri-La provides a softened view to the outside.
  • Partially Open: Opening Shangri-La slightly will gradually increase the level of light and allow varying levels of view-through.
  • Fully Private: When lowered completely, Shangri-La provides complete privacy and still softly filters light.
  • Closed Top–Open Bottom: By partially lowering the shading from the fully raised position, the upper portion of your window will become semi-opaque, while allowing a clear view below.
  How much depth will I need to mount the Shangri-La window shading as an inside mount?
  For a flush inside mount, you will need 3-1/8". For a shallow mount, you will need a minimum depth of 3/4". Realize that the shade will project into the room, the difference between 3-1/8" and the actual depth you have.
  Does the soft sheer material of the Shangri-La wrinkle?
  This fabric is wrinkle free and has an improved fabric consistency to give a sharper, crisper look.
  In a formal setting, is it acceptable to use this treatment alone?
  The Shangri-La window shading is both beautiful and practical. This treatment is elegant enough to stand alone or it can be used with overtreatments to compliment even the most formal settings. For a softer look at the top, without adding top treatments, consider the fabric-wrapped headrail option.

Symphony Cellular Shades and Pleated Shades

  How do I clean these?
  Our non-woven fabrics are inherently antistatic and repel dust. Occasional feather dusting or vacuuming may be necessary to keep the fabrics clean. Spills and stains can be lightly blotted with a cloth or damp sponge. More difficult stains may require soaking in water with mild soap. For this, remove the shade from the window and submerge, soak and rub lightly. Lay flat to dry or place back in the window and raise tightly to recrisp the pleats. Please test any stronger cleaners on an unseen area of the shade before using.
  What is the maximum width available?
  Symphony cellular shades and Perfect Pitch pleated shades offer seamless fabric up to a width of 96" for standard rectangular applications. The maximum length available is 120" for standard rectangular shades. (This is a common question for customers with a picture window.)
  What is the narrowest width available in a cellular/pleated shade? (Often this is a consideration for sidelights, flanking a door.)
  For both the Symphony cellular shades and the Perfect Pitch pleated shades, using a standard rectangular application, the minimum width available is 8". The minimum length available is 8".
  If I have different style windows, as well as, a sliding glass door in my room, will I be able to coordinate all of these with the same treatment?
  Both Symphony cellular shades and Perfect Pitch pleated shades offer specialty sizes for many special architectural windows. For arch-top windows, consider our Sunset or Starburst specialty shades. Consider our specialty shades for trapezoid windows, octagon windows, skylights, and greenhouse windows, just to name a few!
  How much space will the cellular or pleated shade use on my window, when it is drawn up? (This is frequently asked when a customer is going to add a top treatment. It is preferable to have the shade completely hidden when it is drawn up.)
  For example, at a length of 96" a standard rectangular shade stacks compactly to only 3-1/4" including the rails!
  How much mounting depth is required to inside mount a Symphony cellular or Perfect Pitch pleated shade?
  On a flush inside mount, you will need a flat surface depth of 1-3/4". The minimum shallow mounting surface is 1/2". When installing a shade with a shallow mounting depth, realize that the shade will project into the room the difference between 1-3/4" and the depth you have for mounting.
  Is this product safe for children?
  Consider the option of Chordless! It is the safe, beautiful answer to this utmost important concern. Chordless is available when using double honeycomb fabrics.

If you have not chosen a double honeycomb fabric, cord cleats are included with every shade we manufacture. Place the cord cleat at a safe height, taking into account furniture or other objects upon which a child may climb. Then, after each use of the shade, be certain to wrap the excess cord around the cleat.

Woodwinds Wood Alloy Blinds

  What is wood alloy?
  Woodwinds wood alloy blinds are made from a combination of real hardwood and advanced thermal-polymers. Unlike 100% wood only blinds, Woodwinds won't chip, crack, fade, or warp. They are moisture resistant and easy to clean. Woodwinds' patented technology makes them the only wood blind that will be as beautiful tomorrow as they are today.
  How do I clean my Woodwinds wood alloy blinds?
  The antistatic finish simply requires an occasional feather dusting or vacuuming. You may also use soap and water with a damp cloth or sponge, should your blinds become stained.
  Will the finish fade or crack with age or long-term sun or moisture exposure?
  NO! Only Woodwinds wood alloy blinds are impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. Woodwinds is the perfect choice for bathrooms or kitchens!
  How can wood blinds compliment my contemporary décor? Are wood blinds only traditional?
  Woodwinds blinds offer pure white, subtle off-whites and even textured-embossed finishes. Today's contemporary blinds are often seen in these painted finishes. Consider our "S"-shaped slat design and trapezoidal bottom rail to complement your contemporary décor.
  I like the look of plantation shutters, but wish I could have the flexibility of a blind. Is there a product that is somewhere in between?
  Woodwinds Privacy Plus shutter blinds are the answer! Privacy Plus shutter blinds bring together the timeless beauty of plantation shutters with the flexibility and control of a wood blind. Our patented interlocking design reduces the light that can normally leak between closed slats. Each cord rout hole is covered, thus providing greater light control, privacy and security.
  Are traditional stains available in your Woodwinds wood alloy wood blinds?
  Yes! Our wood "stained" colors are remarkable! Each stain selection, from light natural to mahogany, exhibits variation in texture and tone, which truly captures wood's traditional beauty.
  How much mounting depth is needed to install the Woodwinds wood alloy blind as an inside mount?
  To mount flush, you will need a 3-1/4" mounting surface. To install as a shallow inside mount, you will need 5/8". Remember the blind will project the difference between the amount of depth you have and 3-1/4".

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